Internal Complaint Committee

As per the guidelines of UGC, NAAC and the Supreme Court the College has established the Internal Complaint Committee for enforcement of basic human rights of gender equality and assurance of an environment free of sexual harassment and abuse.  The objective of the ICC is to develop healthy and safe atmosphere for the faculty and students of the college and to prevent sexual harassment or exploitation of any kind. Policy measures and procedure are laid down to combat sexual harassment, if any arises, and the students are made aware of these protective measures through outreach programmes. The college’s Internal Complaint Committee addresses the grievance filed in a confidential and sensitive manner.

Roles of the Committee

If any student approaches a committee member either through the complaint box placed in the ground floor of Academic Building of the college, necessary action is taken through counseling and conciliatory methods. If it requires an inquiry, it will be conducted and the matter will be sorted within one week from the date of complaint.

Procedure upon filling of complaint.

  1. Meeting will be held if a complaint is received by any member.
  2. The written complaint is taken and the committee prepares and submit the detailed statement of the incidents within two days.
  3. An enquiry will be held with the members of ICC.
  4. The Complaint will be discussed and finalized within seven days.

Action Plan:

  • Counsel the affected students to overcome the trauma.
  • Display current laws and affairs about sex.
  • Conduct awareness programs for benefit of the students.